Today is Better than Yesterday

After a tremulous relationship with the hotel I’ve been working at for over a yr now, I’ve decided to move on. It was difficult giving my notice. I won’t get into details, because NONE of it matters anymore. None of it matters now, or in the grand scheme of things. I want to be happy.

This is that slow, dark month of February. It’s the dead of winter and I’m beginning to fall away from feel habits. Hopes and dreams drifting away like the snow as the seasonal sadness that was due drives me into the ground. Self-distruction began. My brain feels like shattered ice, long after binge drinking 2 days ago. My skin welling up in pink bumps after overeating in my lazy haste to calm anxiety, distract and to quell the chaos in this poor shell of mine.

For the sake of me and mine. My habits must change. I have my childrens attention. These beautiful

men practice the negative thought patterns and behaviours they are accustomed to seeing.  For us, I must be happy!

Number One: Trumpledump becoming president has overwhelmed my senses.  I will not waste any of my time peering through a screen at social-media sites, reading newspapers or watching TV news, depicting whatever on-coming horrors this fucktard has for our country. I’ll likely not be notified of protests, marches, or petitions… but I’ll be involved in whatever I find within my communiy to stem whatever damage comes our way.  Fuck the media right now.

All my time shall now be spent getting things done. Outside of work A daily to-do list that includes appointments, house cleaning, and SHAPING-UP at the gym. I’ll be blogging along to keep me motivated and moving forward.

Onward to brighter days!


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