Proud Woman, Under a Baby Blanket. 

It’s the first day of my last wk on the job at the hotel. It’s felt almost unbearable. My guests are amazing. Management angers me like you wouldn’t believe. I won’t get into that. I made it through. 

Tomorrow, as it’s Monday, I’ll be making appointments for Camden (my autistic 12 y/o son). Dental-immediete as he’s complaining of a toothache, well-child, SS Disability- to make sure they have this yrs paper work. It’s all a bit overwhelming and difficult to get done while working F/T, during business day/hours. I plan on leaving work early tomorrow. May not be into work on Tuesday. I’m trying to keep in mind that I need the job reference, so I can’t just ‘not’ complete the last wk of my notice. 

Despite how I feel when these assholes I work with talk to me, I need to stay proud and keep going till next Sunday. It’s not a long time.

Then, it will be over and time to start anew.

Tonight, after the bath I’m taking, I’ll be going to the gym and then doing taxes for Dakota and myself. This extra cash will be needed. 

Let’s get it!!

Update: went to the gym… Not fun. Spent a little over 15 minutes there. 😦 Cried like a baby and left. Then cried some more. 

Finished my taxes (thanks to my bf Neno!) using a free online app.. Getting a very nice refund back! WIN! Assisting my son w/ his tomorrow night. 

Neno and I finally fixed my Fitbit Charge 2. 

Fist bump! That things not been synking since Dec. It turns out, my cell phone case caused the Bluetooth to not pick up on the cell signals. A new cell case is in order. 

Tonight I’ll be tracking my sleep and planning for tomorrow. Steps, stairs, calories. Maybe joining a challenge. I’ve wanted to do that with this thing for the longest time! 

To do: make ‘all the’ appointments #1. Camdens dental -immediate! 


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