Soul Realignment


There is no option, I am- solid at work. 

I am- loved at home and I love those who fill my life with joy and comfort- there’s no options.

I don’t run. I don’t hide. (( I don’t hide.)) 

I improve on what is there or switch it up- without loss or contempt. 

I have the power to create heathy habits that improve my state of being and the world around me. 


Now, I will begin. 

MY HAPPINESS DEPENDS UPON THE SAFETY AND SECURITY OF MY FAMILY. My happiness depends upon my childrens education through my influence. This is the main means of transmission of the love, and attention these guys receive. 

The all important – PREPARATION. 

Every evening: 7:30 pm – Camden’s Bath, Teeth & Dressing. 

SLEEP: Camden and I need to feel healthy and ready for the daytime hours. Awareness of the time and tracking the hrs is crucial. Melatonin & dyphahydromine is taken at 8, 9pm -All electronics are shut off. 

AWAKE: The day begins at 6am! Pronto.

EVENING FIRE STARTER: this is list of household responsibilities for my beloved family. 


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