Two things to work on. 


I’m learning about the art of fulfillment. In this post I’m going to talk about happiness and what it is that I need to be fulfilled in this life.

#1. Money 

(second evening p/t job, in the old port.)

 #2. Great Food & Music 

#3. Connections/friends 

#4. Travel 

#5. Beautiful Clothing

Job possibility list: Otto’s, Subway, Holy Donuts, Trader Joe’s, Whole foods, chipotle, Hannaford

My experience with the local restaurants. 

Public Market House (k.hortons sandwiches, pho etc), Duckfat – (potine), Cheevitdee- (least expensive item+ coupons), Market St. Eats- (Lunch wrap/house made serian flat bread.)East Ender- (pork belly chili cheese fries,4-6pm happy hr), Pepperclub, Federal spice, Arabica, Green Drinks, Bam Bam(cookie bars!) El Corazon Food Truck, clocktower cafe (time&temp), muccuci’s (muffuletta sandwich)

W/ neno:

  • Isa, Little Tap House(happy hr 4pm-7specials daily), local188(4$Tapas3$Alligash sun-fri), Boda, Bao Bao, North Point(Monday 6-10 %price bottle wine), King of the Roll, schulte & Herr(lunch) Tu Casa, Saigon Restaurant, old port sea grill, bintliffs(brunch) Eventide, Vineland (Friday, Saturday and Sunday between noon and 5 PM-housemade ice cream and gluten-free waffle cones out of its back door. Bonobo, El Rayo Taqueria, Sabago brewing company, Back Bay Grill, vignola(happy hr m-f 430-6pm), The Inn on Peaks Island, the grill rm, Figgys takeout, Dutchs(brunch), Big J’s Chicken Shack, Salvage BBQ, Thanh Thanh 2, Sapporo(happy hr sun-thurs5pm-7), blue spoon, Union, The Pad Thai at Vientiane Market kitchen, Asmara (African), Ruskies, Susan’s Fish-n-Chips(fish burgers 2.50)Tapas Monday at Lolita (drink/bite deal 5$eastend) b.good Tuesdays (5$ beer, burger-el guapo, fries add5$ movienight@Nick) Ottos(happyhr m-f4-6 slice+beer4$) The corner rm(free food+cheapbeer m-f4-6), The King’s Head (2 for3 tacos M–Th, 4–6 p.m.) RiRas(%priced apps, m-f 4-6pm) zapoteca (%priced apps 4pm-6, 9-close daily)David’s (3pm-6 happy hr apps drinks)The Grill Rm(4-6 m-f 3$ snacks&beer)Timber(m-f 4pm-6 beer4$apps6$)Slab(3$ slabs m-thurs 4-6 p.m.&11-1a.m)Top of the East (happy hr4-7 m-thurs)Zen Chinese bestro (3-5%priced apps7days)Blue Spoon(m-sat,4:30-6 tapas specials2.50wine)Rouseabout(4-6 drink specials/chips dip4$)PortHole (Mon-Fri 3-7pm, Sat- Sun1-4pm. %priced Apps)Dogfish(4-close happy hr)Bruno’s(.40¢wings4-7pm daily)sabago brewing company (4pm-7specials daily)Andy’s Oldport Pub(4pm-7,5$mini meal+pint m-f)OPT(%priced apps, drink specials M-f)G&R DiMillos bayside(4pm-6 free steamers) Smiling Hill Farm(ice cream!)

Lounge- Novare Res,  Crooners and Cocktails, Munjoy Hill Tavern, LFK, Bayside Bowl, bar of chocolate. Portland House of Music, Empire, Flask, Blue(happy hr Sunday 4-6pm)

The arts: St Lawrence theater



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